First Post

The focus of the Refugee: 18 Stories from the Syrian Exodus multimedia package was just that.I would say that the greatest strength of the site was the visual of it as a whole. It looks, and is, organized so well that you almost don’t notice the organization. Much like in editing a film, the less that the organization is noticed in a website the better, but that’s just my not-so-humble opinion. The animation of the silhouetted people walking across the screen paired with the statistic of how many refugees is a very effective visual.
The biggest weakness that the website had, in my opinion, was that it didn’t effectively use videos. In a subject like this, with all of the personal stories, it would make sense to get a brief interview with the subjects of the articles. And it is not as if videos were out of the question. There were videos inserted with the articles however they were just fifteen second long clips of the subjects sitting and looking at the camera. They ought to have utilized the media they had and gotten a short interview.


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