Reaction on Guest Speaker, Melody Alexander

Throughout the entirety of Melody’s presentation, I found many elements to be interesting.  The one that stood out the most to me, however, was the video that was put together to try and persuade the man to donate to the school.  It was such a nice production visually and very enticing from the get-go.  It almost made me want to give to the university.  The results and aftermath of the video were very interesting as well. With the stat being that over 123,000 people viewed the video, on one source or another, it was very impressive to think that a video about the history of a university would do so well.  It made me wonder how many times the video of Dr. Bowling narrating the history of Olivet had been viewed.

There wasn’t a whole lot that I really wanted to know more about, not because it was boring by any means, but because she was so in-depth about the projects while speaking with us. I suppose that the one thing that stands out that I wouldn’t mind knowing more about would be the dynamics of the collaborative video work. What were the major challenges of working with a group? It is always one of the most difficult elements of any project. Working with other people, with different personalities, and different schedules, etc., tends to become a very fragile system, at least in my experience.  Was that the case for them?

Overall, I found the presentation to be very interesting and Melody gave lots of good advice. While I would like to know more about the collaborative process, she did touch on it a little.  Even just a little help with how to work well with others can go a long way.  We also learned a lot about what to expect later in our media careers.  I think that the whole class would be able to benefit from a heads-up about what comes next after college. Knowing what to expect will give one a little step ahead of others in the same field, allowing one to be more prepared and ready for the job.


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