Hot Glass Promo

In this short video, Suzi Perret sat down to discuss the feeling of working with glass.  She describes the experience of forming the hot molten material into abstract works of art for all to enjoy.


Preparing and Adding Photos

Leads Blog Entry

Exercise 1

Who: 55-year-old Pembroke Township resident, James E. Beals.

What: Arrested in connection with four October homicides in Pembroke Township.

Where: Arrested in Benton Harbor Mich., homicides committed Pembroke Township October 1, 2016.

When: Arrested was announced Monday, March 6, 2017.

Why: Victim, Ralph Ledet’s, death was ruled a homicide, and the triple homicide of Reginald Neal and his two sons, Dangelo Neal and Davante Hopkins is thought to be connected.

How:  All victims had been shot in the head several times, according to Kankakee Coroner Bob Gessener.

Exercise 2

Blind: A Kankakee man has been arrested in Benton Harbor, Mich., for charges of murder.

Umbrella: The suspect of the four homicides committed in October 2016 in Pembroke Township was taken into custody early this morning in Benton Harbor, Mich.

ID of Impact: Kankakee resident, James E. Beals, prime suspect in the ongoing investigation into the murder of four people in Pembroke Township, was arrested earlier last week.

Anecdotal: It was a crisp, fall night, October 1, 2016, in Pembroke Township Ill., when suddenly gunshots broke the steady hum and chirping of nature.

Descriptive: The dirt driveway of 6600 S 17250 East Rd was muddy with blood on October 1, 2016. The next night, the small residency of 4300 S 15500 East Rd was stained crimson as well. The man to have allegedly committed these crimes was apprehended earlier last week.

Quotation: “Upon arrival deputies discovered 56-year-old Reginald Neal, 24-year-old Dangelo Neal and 21-year-old Davante Hopkins all deceased from apparent multiple gunshot wounds,” Kankakee County Sheriff Mike Downey said in October of 2016. Five months later, the man thought to have committed these crimes has been caught.


This is not a Glimmer Glass Project.

Mini MM story Reflection and Assessment

There are many lessons one learns whenever they have a chance to perform a task. This assignment was no exception. From the many things that I did learn, the most significant was that other people, outside of the team of people working on the project, don’t usually care enough to want to help. You have to persuade heavily to get any assistance outside of your group. Another great lesson I had already learned previously, but was reinforced throughout this project was to always have a back-up plan.

Admittedly the team struggled to agree on many subjects and it was very difficult to get a good result on many areas of the Mini Multimedia Story. Not all aspects of the project were rough going, though. Even with the troubles we had agreeing, the majority of us seemed to keep a good sense of comradery. We looked out for each other.  If one person was struggling in one aspect of the project we picked up their slack. While it may have been rooted in a selfish motivation to not screw up our own grades, these are just good people as well, and wanted to help the whole group succeed.

Personally, there are a couple areas that, given the chance to do it over, I would do differently. I could list them all, but what it really comes down to is I was too nervous about messing up the project to step up and do the best that I know I can do. I do not understand the technological aspects of posting stuff on the internet yet, but putting my pride aside and asking for help is something I should have done, for the good of the project as well as myself.

In the upcoming multimedia project I expect to apply the lessons that I have learned by simply stepping up and being more confident. I know I have the ability to do the assignment correctly, but my confidence when the time actually comes has not always held out. However, I know more about how to accomplish the next project from the lessons learned in the first. There is no reason that I shouldn’t be able to do this next assignment to the best of my ability.